A selection of adverts displaying a range of clients from local businesses, charities, community events, and national companies. These demonstrate a variety of print styles including adverts for newspapers, posters, flyers, leaflets, tickets, banners, and more.

BA449209 BA452743 CB438574 CB440420 CH467710_V2.indd CH468542.indd CH471258 CH480010 HE429353 MT486774 MT488503 RH499437.indd RH506038 RH508973 SH439299.indd SH442691.indd SH440659.indd SH449405 WH403405.indd WP438250.indd

  RH499351_V2.indd RH497370.indd RH495852.indd WP440866 WP437670.indd

SH467465 WP437119.indd SH455506 SH446414 SH442364.indd SH439219.indd SH438044.indd SH437126.indd RH512139 RH494964.indd PR403797_V2 PR403656.indd OS455008 OS449524.indd MT487677 MT485488.indd MT485268.indd HE434362 HE429269 DR421845.indd HE423200.indd DR421845.indd HE422542.indd

 HE422182 DR422512.indd HE423709.indd CH477097 CB447412 CB436325.indd

CB436060.indd DM419284.indd HE422994.indd SH439219.indd

BA446573.indd OS448222.indd CB445034 OS444076.indd HE422182

DM418894.inddHE416308.indd DR419434.indd DM419284.indd  CH459485.indd

CB435948.indd CB432023.indd CB432570.indd BA444536.indd CB435501.indd

Continence_Dec_2014  PO_4059_reading  RJ_NWP_NWC  SA_1  WP434662.indd

CB430695.indd CB430776.indd RH474303.qxp (Page 1) RH481740_V2.indd MT471727.indd

 DR414128_V2.qxp (Page 1) OS438306 WH402144.qxp (Page 1)

Nightingale House Hospice

 IMG_6012 IMG_6014 IMG_6015  IMG_6021  IMG_6008 IMG_6017 IMG_6011  IMG_6007 IMG_6004 IMG_6023 IMG_6018 IMG_6020 IMG_6013 IMG_6005 IMG_6022 IMG_6016 IMG_6009  IMG_6006


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